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From the Could-Be-Sublime to the Possibly-Ridiculous

Two huge events going on in the world – Egyptians demonstrate to topple their restrictive government (so amazing) and Donald Trump is interviewed by Piers Morgan. I should not say anything about either of these events but I can’t help myself.

The Donald first – his version of how Chinese business ended up ruining the job market in America places the blame on the “wily, sneaky Chinese”- well actually he called them “cheaters.” In books the Chinese have often been described as “inscrutable.” What we consider lying they might consider strategy. Whatever; isn’t Mr. Trump sort of rewriting history? I seem to remember American businessmen jumping ship voluntarily and in droves because it cost too much to produce products in America. No one came up with any ways to halt the exodus that I recall. China may bear the blame for skewing their money and tilting the marketplace in their direction. Maybe a tax of 25% is not a terrible idea, although we might have to deal with product shortages for a time. I just cannot picture Donald Trump as our President. Besides, he’s a Republican.

As far as Egypt is concerned I would love to see the people win. I know little to nothing about Hosni Mubarak, but I live in a democracy, I love it, and I wish it for everyone even though it is not perfect. No government can be perfect because humans create governments and we are not perfect. Mr. Mubarak is 82 years old. Why doesn’t he want to go sit in the shade in his beautiful country and pass the governing on to the next generation. I would call 82 a fine long reign. Can you own a whole nation? Even if you are a dictator are you indispensable? If you retire and enjoy yourself the people of Egypt will know where to find you if they need you and you might be admired for your legacy during your lifetime. The current wisdom is “learn to let go.”