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My Digital Christmas in Paris

Last, but not least I will play out my fantasy of Christmas in Paris, digitally of course, because it is the only way I can afford to go to Paris this Christmas. In Paris I think I would wander the streets and soak up the ambience, the sights and the scents. Of course Paris would be decked out in its finest for the holidays and so the City of Lights would be even brighter than usual. I would wander by the Eiffel Tower because it is sure to be beautifully decorated. The Arc de Triomphe will also look lovely bien sur. Paris is an old city with a patina of romance and style and deliciousness. Some of the restaurants would have to be sampled. I don’t imagine that I would be able to afford most of the shopping in Paris, but if there are any flea markets in winter I would like to visit them and find a few treasures to take home with me. I must also stop by as many patisseries as I can fit into my visit. How do you say twinkle lights in French? I don’t know, but I do know that Paris does have a love affair with the twinkle lights so it will sparkle. Joyeux Noel! Next year Rome.