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I Went to a Digital Boot Camp

Last Thursday I paid a reasonable fee and spent the day (well half the day, I’ll explain later) at a Boot Camp for Digital Marketing Google-style. The idea was generated by the Syracuse Media Group and and they also organized and led most of the sessions at the workshop. In addition they fed us a very nice lunch.

There was a keynote speaker, Sheldon Bernstein, to open the day. He came from Google in NYC for the workshop. He spoke again at the end of the “Boot Camp”. Emphasis was placed on SEO and SEM – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. There are tools made up of algorithms that give Google a way to digitally analyze businesses that use the internet to advertise their product or service and/or to sell their product or service. It helps Google decide, without prejudice (as much as possible) who will pop up in an online search and in what order. That’s how Google sorts out those entries that appear on the first page of the search response.

Of course, businesses with large budgets can afford more sophisticated and effective IT staff, but if a company is savvy in ingesting and utilizing Google marketing strategies they can perform quite well, especially in a local search.

There was also emphasis in this whole-day series of presentations on making sure that businesses understand the processes for going mobile. If you aren’t adjusting your ads and making sure that they look good and work well on phones and tablets then you won’t be competitive in the current environment.

Here’s a list of the workshops that were offered:

SEO and Social Media

Mobile and Video

SEM and Content Marketing

Audience Targeting

Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics 201

Syracuse Media Group also took the time to look up the website/s of each participant and complete an individualized analysis of where each participant’s website/s ranks according to key Google parameters.

Clearly Syracuse Media Group (and Google) gave us an excellent day but they also hoped to tempt some attendees to contract for their one-on-one consultation services which could help people like me whose brains grasp the purpose of these techniques, but whose computer skills aren’t quite up to implementing them. Many people need a hands-on service like this and I believe it will make them quite happy to know that this team of experts is available right here in town.

I did not stay for the afternoon sessions because of personal reasons but the morning set the tone and I am not afraid to predict that the day’s events came to a satisfactory conclusion. As a blogger I do not make any money at all, so I would not be able to afford the services offered by this business. I feel this makes me sort of an objective observer of this event. Good suggestions were offered but they tended to be somewhat abstract. I hope this group will come up with some variation on this theme, perhaps increase the fee for the day, and parse some of the procedures in more concrete ways. Even so, I am guessing the companies who sent staff to this Boot Camp got back some good upgrades in their digital advertising.