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Detroit and Dominos


Detroit may be in trouble and teetering over into bankruptcy but many of our cities are in line right behind them to meet the same fate.

I don’t know about your city, but my city is still losing jobs – two companies announced cuts last week and one company will be pulling out completely. We’re still not done sloughing off jobs, apparently.

Pundits blame greedy workers and unions in Detroit for chasing business overseas but the mass abandonment for cheaper, less regulated markets was inevitable. There was no way we could have cut our salaries enough at the time when these businesses were leaving that would have allowed American workers to be competitive with Asian workers. Between smog and acid rain and dependence on foreign oil we had to pass environmental protections, protections which Asia has not passed yet. However Asia will eventually find that without these protections their country and the health of their people will suffer. If the effects of climate change worsen, the entire world may put pressure on Asia to clean up their act.

Detroit workers, American workers, are not to blame, and placing blame will not solve the problems or the financial ills of our cities; nor will placing blame restore the benefits of the workers to whom promises have been made. Detroit we are sorry because we can’t even help you right now. They are going to let you fail and then we will all follow you like one of those intricate domino constructions.

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