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Stonewalling While Our Oceans Die

It is getting more and more frustrating to wait for the fruits of winning the 2012 election. The GOP has brought government to a standstill just because they won a majority in the House. They have their obstructionist agenda and they have their “wish” list. Oh boy, they say “we can stop everything until we get a whole array of the items on our “wish” list. In fact, we can get some of them just by stonewalling.” These deniers are hurting our nation and they are harming our planet.

Just take the matter of our oceans which, after several huge disastrous leaks and hundreds of smaller leaks, have been inundated with substances which are toxic to life under the seas. Dead oceans will eventually produce a dead planet. All the time these selfish, stubborn people in the GOP are farting around trying to get their way, is time that we should be spending in finding ways to save our oceans (besides tackling a few other problems we need to tackle). This may be a far more pressing need than we imagine.

All the time these selfish, stubborn people are obstructing our government we could be building the fleet of space ships we will need to flee our gorgeous planet which we will have to do if we don’t figure out how to clean our oceans and keep them clean.

We cannot afford to cling to the status quo, to a global schema which no longer pertains. I hear it as an old blues song: “that old status quo has up and gone away.” We are at the end of the fossil fuel era. We are probably at the end of the nuclear option also. We will have to shift to some more primitive, less toxic energy sources (sun, geothermal, wind). By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on this planet living on patches of land between the dead oceans; the very oceans which have always added so much to the glory and splendor of our little planet out at the edge of space, and which have provided so many eons of people with food and other necessary resources. We have always been the little planet that could; now we stand to become the little planet that couldn’t.

We need you Southerners and you in the Midwest and wherever you reactionary nuts reside to help save the earth. You need to stop acting stupid and entrenched. Maybe if we give you all federal jobs you will stop trying to bankrupt America and you will get real about the role America needs to play in keeping our Earth healthy. We can’t keep fighting these same destructive battles which threaten to undo our nation. We have a lot of problems to solve in the real physical world around us. Get over yourselves!



This is the view from the cheap seats.

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