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Depressed or Realistic?

It is getting more and more difficult to just go on with life as if there is nothing more to worry about than what to wear this morning, what to have for dinner, where to shop, or what movie to see. It started with 9/11 and hasn’t really stopped since, one disaster after another. Well maybe the seeds of disaster were planted even further back than that. I was born in the happy glow of the end of World War II, the war to end all wars. It seemed OK to just enjoy life, but it did not last long. The Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, the gradual exodus of the corporations, the Gulf War, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Oklahoma Federal Building, Columbine, Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, foreclosures, recession, unemployment, the Gulf oil spill, Afghanistan still, the Haitian earthquake, the Chilean earthquake, miners that did get saved and miners that didn’t get saved, Australian cyclones and floods, a New Zealand earthquake, Middle Eastern upheavals, and now Japan – and I’m sure I missed some real important ones. The disaster rate seems to be speeding up? Is it overpopulation? Has global warming caught up with us? Is it the 24/7 news cycle? The huge number of gray days doesn’t help. The downward spiral of the stock market, which was doing so well, doesn’t help.

OK, perhaps I am a tad bit depressed; not seek-help depressed, not get- drugs depressed, just reality-based depressed. I am trying to have an indomitable spirit. It can’t help anyone to go all negative. Perhaps addressing the universe will help, “Universe, please could we have a more positive upturn, soon?” How do you not live an ordinary life while all this is going on just while you can and to show your appreciation that you still can, and because you can’t do much to change these huge events? If I lose the house I just bought my life will go on. It will take me a while to shake that off, but somehow I will. Between foreclosures, earthquakes, and flooding many people are homeless.

Yes I am being a bummer. I’ll work on it but even the local scenery is not pretty; the cuts to education, the threats to entitlements, the constant recalls of bad products or contaminated commodities, the costs of everything rising, the store shelves looking a bit empty, the roads looking a bit holey, the price of cotton, food, gasoline rising. I don’t own one product which uses a spray bottle that continues to work after about half of the product is gone. What happened to spray bottles? Not one person in our government knows how to help with or change any of this. They just snipe at each other and redo things that have already been done.

All right, I’m still a bummer. If I name it all, get it all out, maybe it will lose the power to depress me and I can try to be part of the solution. If I am part of the solution maybe I won’t be such a downer and I will, once again, get some enjoyment out of life. At least it is spring with summer to follow. I vow to put some pleasure in my life. I can learn a lesson from the Japanese people.