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10 bonus websites for you
I found this list posted and compiled by John Hawkins under the title The 50 Most Popular Conservative Websites. He used to arrive at his list. Here are a few things he has to say about his search:

1) Alexa doesn’t distinguish between top level domains and their sub-directories. So, for example, a blog on Townhall and Townhall itself would have the same rating. Additionally, websites hosted at places like Blogspot, which list each blog on a sub-directory, can’t be measured. My guess is that it only knocked 2-4 websites max off the list including Ace of Spades HQ, Gateway Pundit, & Big Hollywood.
2) Although I have found Alexa to be generally accurate, it does occasionally make mistakes and certainly isn’t as on target as a statistics tracker.
3) I didn’t deliberately leave any right-of-center websites off the list, including the Libertarian websites. So, if you are supposed to be on list and weren’t included, feel free to send me an email.
All 50 websites are listed with their Alexa rank following their link. So for example, a “1″ would mean the page was the most popular website on the net. A “100,000″ would mean the 100,000th most popular page on the net.

Here’s the link: