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They’re Coming Back

We hear the patter of little feet. We were resting from overexposure, lolling in our hammocks, watching our favorite show, or enjoying an adult conversation and suddenly they’re back, they’re awake and our peace is about to be shattered. Our Congress people are coming back into session after Labor Day bringing their enormous egos, their ambitious energies, their stubborn positions, and their squabbling contentiousness.
I wish I thought that over their hiatus they learned that the very strength of America lies in our extremes only when there is also a will to meet somewhere in the center. This is how our nation maintains its balance. This is the one successful strategy from our past that seems to have abandoned us in the present. We can’t expect one party to do all the compromising, which is what is being asked. Compromise is not the same as surrender. It requires give and take; not just give, give, give, or take, take, take.
Please tiptoe back into session like grownups and bargain together in good faith. Fall is a beautiful season, we’ve had a rough year so far, and we’d like to continue our quiet enjoyment of our lives and our families before we retreat to our dens for the winter.
Don’t make us come (up/down/in) there!