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Bottom-dweller Syndrome

Possession is nine tenths of the law – isn’t that what we used to say? Now that we have consented to the laws that let the 1% corner the nation’s money, they are highly unlikely to give it back. They do not agree that the laws were skewed to help the rich get richer, even thought the laws still exist even as we speak and are still pushing that money to the top of the “food chain”. As for us “bottom-dwellers”, we seem to accept whatever we are told. We accept that those with money earned it through hard labor and long hours of sacrifice and toil. We forget that a lot of that toil was ours. We accept that the only way out of our sluggish economy is through a slow slogging process of first paying our debtors and only then looking for any economic growth. Many, many economists say that we could pay some of our debts and stimulate some growth at the same time. Any economic growth will help us pay our debts faster with less impact on us “prey” down in the mud. And yet everyone in Washington and all the pundits on TV stress the need to cut the budget and do not back any plans to stimulate growth.

As for us “bottom-dwellers”, we are a pretty complaisant and catatonic bunch. Fortunately for those at the top of the “food chain” we just want to be left to our daily lives in the cul de sacs and we will continue to enjoy our tunnel vision until we become the prey of those predators cruising above. We don’t seem to be at all interested in taking the long view, in looking up through the muck and weeds that surround us at the bottom to demand new strategies that will lead to growth. Most of us accept the word of those same predators who say that we will have to live with austerity for quite a while, that spending more money will not make more money, that only keeping laws that favor those at the top will lead them to reinvest in America, and that we will have to learn to do without any help from the government.

We are not prone to taking to the streets to demonstrate or to protest about political issues. There are no signs in our windows or on our cars stating where we stand on these crucial issues. Let them take our Social Security, our Medicare, after all they say these programs are making America broke and they must know what they are talking about because they have been so successful. How far will we let them go before we react? Have you written your Congressional representatives recently? Will you ignore climate change until the Earth is gasping its last? Will you let them screw around with voting to stack the deck in their favor? What is your tipping point? When do you react? When do you decide? If this were football would you know which team you favored? Well this is about your life, don’t you have an opinion? Don’t you think those “sharks” at the top might be trying to hang on to their own lifestyles at the expense of yours? Why are we all so quiet? I know we would rather enjoy our families and our activities, but unless you use your words to tell what you want, you, and your families, will get what they give you. You will become shark food.

This is the view from the bottom of the food chain.