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Enough Jobs

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It is clear that there are just not enough desirable jobs (a desirable job being one that pays a living wage) to go around in America. This, is partly due, of course, to the economy and the changing face of business. But it may be true that the number of workers who want to be employed has increased and this factor must be taken into account also. We have teens, high school drop outs and graduates, college students, college drop outs and graduates, most women, most men, and seniors who must work longer because their retirement funds are inadequate. In short, just about everyone 16 or older needs to work.

So the pool of workers has grown drastically just as the jobs have gone away. Will everyone need a college education? Perhaps. Will America have enough jobs to go around? Perhaps not. Maybe we’ll have a constant unemployment rate of 10% or so whose members will shift in and out of employment at great personal toll. Maybe seniors won’t be able to keep jobs until they are 75 or 80. Maybe some new thing will come along and we’ll have an explosion of jobs with not enough worker to fill them. “We live in interesting times.”

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