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Ceasefire in Washington is Temporary

Washington is so quiet right now. It may be lulling Americans into a false sense of hope that the hostilities between Congress and the Executive Branch have ended, but, of course, we really understand that this is a very brief ceasefire in a battle that will rage right through to 2016 (unless Dems take back the House in 2014 and keep the Senate). These years of Obama’s presidency have been full of bitter pills that Democrats have had to swallow. The first African American President came to the White House and we were mean to him. Worse, we did not allow him to govern because either 1) we felt he would ruin American by passing bad laws, or 2) we did not want this man in our history books. I feel embarrassed to be an American when I consider the shenanigans of the past five years by grown, educated people who should know better. So what if he read the writing on the wall early on and he knew that he only had the support of his own party for the Affordable Care Act. He was absolutely right about that. It has been sad to watch elected officials acting like they have been mortally offended by the fact that this is not a bipartisan act and to watch these adults whine that they will get their vengeance, the American people be damned.

It is sad that these same elected officials (who possibly won elections that were rigged so that they would win) have ground our government’s forward momentum to a halt at a time when we needed our government to help us adjust to a changed economic environment that requires action rather than obstruction. In today’s Daily Beastis an article by Nick Gillespie that says that Obama has lost the support of the youth vote in America. They are upset at their job prospects, their low wages, their high levels of unemployment and who would blame them. I suppose they really don’t stop to ask themselves if this is really Obama’s fault since he has not been allowed to legislate anything and if he even proposes a bill it is sure to fail. This is certainly understandable because their prospects are about the same today as they were when Obama entered office. They are young. They don’t care if hope and change take time; they are not interested in political backlash. They need to have a life and they need that now. Obama has also had to face quite a few realities as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that have not allowed him to keep campaign promises he made. He promised way too much. When you make strong promises and then don’t deliver and you do that in this hyperactive news cycle, your feet will be held to the fire. The ubiquitous presence of the NSA that we have become aware of is not helping Obama either. If these young people were seeing their chances to build their own affluence unfurling before them, they would be busy building lives and might not care quite so passionately about Obama’s decisions in relation to Afghanistan or Syria. If there had been funding for training programs and infrastructure improvements and research and innovation, the disaffection of our young people might not have been a factor. I don’t want to see these “beginner” adults abandoning the light and going over to the dark side. I wish just saying “do something” would work, but I know it won’t.

I know that the people who are really trying to change America, the people who are trying to offer us a new America that has no resemblance to the real America, are just waiting in the wings. They are taking a break until the next budget battle which comes after Christmas. We know they are still out there pulling their wicked strings to end hard won freedoms because we just saw the Supreme Court uphold a Texas law to prevent abortions after 20 weeks (even in cases where the mom might die). We see them refusing to appoint liberals to the federal courts because it will tip the court’s balance from right to left. They are correct in assuming that Obama wants to stuff the courts. That is what the party in power usually gets to do. But they like the courts that Bush gave us. They want those courts. They are keeping those Conservative courts because they can. I could never have imagined that America would find itself in the middle of this long and intense ideological battle. As soon as I got a load of Glenn Beck’s act I knew, but I didn’t know that Republicans would win the House in 2010, or that they would get a few fingers onto the flying carpet, a few fingers that have allowed them to hoist themselves onto a corner of that magic carpet and keep it from taking off. People seem to imagine that what we are seeing now is just politics as usual, the normal run of political push and shove. It isn’t. This is all push and no shove. This is a war for America’s future; a war where one side prepared mightily for battle and one side doesn’t even realize that engagement has begun. You had better know what vision of America each side espouses and you had better pick a side. You can’t look at just one issue; you have to look at the big picture. Get a grip, America!

This is the view from the cheap seats.

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