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Do you know the trick to winning the big end of the wishbone so you can get your wish? The trick is to not pull. Just hold your end and let the other person pull and you will win, I will say that you will win most of the time, but I think you will actually win all of the time (unless the wishbone has a crack on your end).
The problem occurs when both pullers know the trick. No one pulls, no one wins and the person who started the pull must seek out another player (victim) who doesn’t know “the trick”.
Our government has been involved in this very exercise, minus the wishbone. Each side wants its wish but does not want to be the party that doesn’t know how to win. The problem with our government is that apparently everyone is in on the trick, so no one wants to act. Each side wants the other side to act and they are unable to locate any partners who don’t know “the trick”. It leaves us exactly nowhere, deadlocked.
Of course, legislating is not like pulling on a wishbone. Having your wish granted by breaking a bone is a superstition. To get anything done in Washington we need both sides to pull at times and to leave off pulling at times.  Stop playing childish games, please.
And I also want to wish you: