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Kick the Bums Out? Not So Fast

Kicking all incumbents out of Congress seems like a good idea until you look at what happened the last time we did that in the mid-term elections. What we got is the inflexible, “one-trick-pony” Tea Partiers who never heard of the words compromise or flexibility and therefore took us so close to the wire on the debt ceiling that they brought the American economy to the brink of disaster (and maybe beyond).
Others say kick out all the old guard, the “dinosaurs” as people are calling them. Well how did that work for those of us who traded? Again we got the Tea Partiers who are younger but act more like nervous old farts than the actual old people do.
It hasn’t been all bad because, even though the Tea Partiers are only concerned with their pocketbooks, they have helped decrease earmarks and they helped older Republicans retreat from their recent position at the extreme right to more “center right” positions. In other words, the Tea Partiers are so extreme that old guard conservatives actually looked more moderate or were freed up to act from a more moderate place temporarily. It is so peaceful with all our Congress people on hiatus that I am tempted to say let’s dissolve Congress and use on-line voting, but, of course, we can’t do that and even if we could it probably would be equally chaotic and disastrous.
I think we had better have a more effective strategy than just throwing out all the “dinosaurs”. We have to look much more carefully at who we will put in their place. We have to act like informed voters and do our research before we put candidates into office. The internet makes it easier to research candidates than ever before but those of us who decide to use that information must consider the source. Experience tells us that kicking all incumbents out is not the answer to our current dysfunction. I, of course, think we should elect all Democrats, all the time, but they have not exactly wowed us lately, have they?

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