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A Jaw Dropper

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It was hard to be alive in America or maybe even in the world this summer and not think about Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony. I have eavesdropped on the trial via CNN almost every day since it began.

I was in the cardiologist’s office with my mom yesterday when the receptionist came out from behind her desk with the TV clicker so she could turn the station to the national news. She said, “The jury is back.” Suddenly the attention of everyone in the waiting room was galvanized. We waited impatiently through the courtroom rigmarole which precedes the point where the judge puts the questions to the President of the Jury.

On the first point – premeditated murder in the 1st degree – Not guilty

A collective gasp

On the second point – manslaughter and child abuse – Not guilty

A collective gasp

And then the four counts of lying to law enforcement – Guilty

The polling of the jury

Watching Casey Anthony quietly celebrate with her lawyers

No celebration with her family

She walks away. If we truly listened to the evidence in the courtroom, to the testimonies and to the proliferation of theories we knew how difficult it would be for the jury to convict Casey; but in the court of public opinion she was found guilty. We still don’t know the facts; we don’t know how Casey killed her daughter. Because of her lies and delays, however, we believe she did it. Furthermore we suspect her life will not be an easy or happy one from here on out and we seem to all feel that this is fitting. The jury, however, did not just find her not guilty; according to the alternate juror they believed Casey was innocent. The world is probably not done with Casey Anthony.

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