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Bait and Switch? (The 2012 Election)

What if Obama is elected in 2012 and the Republicans still block him from pursuing his political agenda, the newscasters ask. Are they implying that if we want any movement in Washington we had better pick Mitt Romney? Are they trying to make Obama look weak? Are they disparaging his schmoozing abilities once again?
Suppose we don’t like what Mitt Romney’s party stands for? Should we elect him anyway? Is movement in the “wrong” direction better than no movement at all? Politicians who disagree with each other, who have different platforms, are not interchangeable. Will we be better off with Obama holding the line (as he is now) or with the Republicans pursuing their extremely backward agenda? Suppose Obama’s actual trajectory became by necessity “hold the line” instead of “Foreward.”?
The newscasters’ implications are wrong. We would be better off with Obama even if he couldn’t accomplish one thing than we would if the Republicans are given carte blanche to enact most or all of their agenda. We can’t go where they want us to go without actually going there, and that would be counterproductive. Why would we want an America with:
·         No Social Security
·         No Medicare
·         No Medicaid
·         No Welfare
·         No WIC
·         No Food Stamp
·         No environmental protections
·         No pristine national parks
·         No tax deductions
·         Higher taxes
·         No business regulations
·         No regulations for Wall St.
·         A huge military
·         More wars in the Middle East
·         Energy drilling and mining every where
·         No clean water regulations
·         Returns of acid rains
·         And etc.? (like abandon the progress we have made with women’s health issues)
Republicans sound so reasonable as they repeat their “litany” of how to lure big business back to America over and over again. After we have heard something chanted again and again it strikes us as familiar enough to be true, a sort of mantra. However, the current crop of Republicans are anything but reasonable, what they repeat is no mantra, and all those newscasters are wrong to suggest that we have an either/or choice in this election. What we have is either moderation (Democrats) or nuttiness (Republicans). And what the Republicans are actually boring us with is known as political propaganda with an occasional glimpse behind the curtain. The glimpses are the important part, not the propaganda.
This is a key moment in American politics as we are finally talking about genuine issues that need to be resolved. If only we could reach the point in our dialogue where we were not just repeating two monologues; if only we could sit down at a round table and hammer out a workable compromise, then we might make a strong America to face the global chaos that will precede any worldwide global cooperation. Maybe that’s why we love stories about aliens coming to earth, because we know we would all unite against a common enemy (I have to get space in here somewhere). Right now we need to keep the Republicans away from the oval office and from Congress, if possible.