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Is the President to Blame?

I was listening to Michele Bachmann being interviewed on CNN after winning the straw poll in Iowa and it is so obvious that her strategy (in sync with other Republicans) is to lay the blame for everything at the feet of the President. Of course, one President famously said “the buck stops here” but no President works alone. We elect people to Congress for a reason. They are there to make laws. It is not the President’s job to make all our laws although by the power of veto he has a lot of control over which laws will pass. For this reason the President often signals the direction he wants Congress to take by letting Congress know what laws he will veto.
Our current situation is somewhat backwards because in this case Congress is calling the shots. They tell the President what they will and won’t vote for. Congress (including any of the Congress people who are running for office, such as Michele Bachmann) cannot shift all the responsibility to the office of the President. Just repeating blame statements over and over does not make them any more accurate; it just gives them more power over our minds.
The President is not solely responsible for the downgrade in our credit rating. We were all out here watching these events unfold. We saw the struggle. We saw the inflexibility; we watched as the votes were counted in the House and Senate. We know what you’re doing, but we seem to give your statements power because you state them so powerfully and repeat them so often. However, you need to find a new dialogue – in the long run we will not buy the one you’re using.

I do like what Rev. Michael Heath had to say in today’s Syracuse Post Standard. He suggests that it is time for Obama to change from Clark Kent to Superman. That sounds good.