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If You Can’t Buy a Law Maker, Buy a Political Party

Corporations obviously expect to have an influence on Mitt Romney’s campaign because they are pumping huge amounts of money into it. Once Mitt Romney gets the official nomination at the GOP convention he will “come into” a really big sum of money (according to the WSJ) only available to an official nominee.
You have to ask yourself why corporations are piling money into the Romney campaign and, of course, there is his enthusiastic espousal of things like cutting corporate tax rates and getting rid of regulations that create barriers for businesses to do as they please. With an administration sensitive to the needs of corporations they could have their way in arenas like those pesky environmental considerations, pay scales, benefits, energy sources, free trade and the whole panoply of items on their wish lists. Wouldn’t you give your money to someone if they promised to give you your heart’s desire? The corporations are barely part of our communities any longer but they still exert the power of their wealth in Washington and since law makers are hopeful that they can bring these corporation back to the U.S. if they can create the perfect set of conditions many lawmakers are ready to pass laws that please big business.  Then they will be heroes for bringing back jobs. We do need jobs, but letting corporations dictate the policies America makes in Washington is not what we ever wanted.
After all, isn’t corporate influence in Washington one of the “biggies” on our list of things that we would like to change about the way our government functions these days? Aren’t they a big part of the “special interest groups” that we say are buying our Congress people? Haven’t we felt that corporations have been calling the shots, playing “Let’s Make A Deal”? I know the Supreme Court says that corporations are people. However, I don’t think our forefathers intended to write “of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations” into the Constitution.
Oddly enough, as I said, in these days when many of our corporations have deserted us for larger profits in Asia and elsewhere, their influence does seem even stronger. Of course we all yearn for the good old affluent days of plentiful jobs. Corporations are in great demand. Everyone wants one. We can’t blame them for trying to have their cake and eat it too. We can blame what has become acceptable behavior in Washington; if you can’t buy an elected law maker (and perhaps you still can), buy a political party. Isn’t this a kind of political blackmail; I’ll pay for your campaign but only if you ditch the federal environmental requirements. Isn’t this the very definition of a quid pro quo that should be guarded against in a democracy?
We would love to have the corporations back in our communities. We miss them. Will we sell out the soul of America and all that we represent to create the conditions they say they require to profit? If we do we will never get the corporations out of our government. Money is powerful, and if government favors can be bought then money becomes all powerful. Then we will truly be an oligarchy instead of a democracy. So if we follow the money that is coming into Romney’s campaign we can’t vote for him because we will be getting exactly what we have been saying we did not want. There will never be a better chance to free our democracy from undue corporate influence and from the practice of putting the will of the people up for sale.