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An Anywhere But New York State of Mind

New York State is such a mess that I am embarrassed to say I am a New Yorker. In a tough economy no one wants to make the tough call. Gridlock reigns. I don’t think it’s all the fault of our elected officials. The lobbying is fierce. No one wants cuts to important services. We want schools left untouched, we need our colleges to be strong, we need Medicaid for the health of all of us. We believe that there is so much waste and greed in government that if we just get rid of the waste and root out the greed we will not have to cut the services we have come to expect. Is this the case? We pay taxes so that our government will take care of us. Now they say there is not enough money to do that. Can we sit on our debt awhile until our economy improves or will we have to pay down this debt before our economy can improve?

Will clearing the chambers of all incumbents and refilling the legislative seats with all new people have the effect we think it will? Our government has been corrupt for years and everyone knows it. New York has lost whatever cachet it had for a while. We have such a power discrepancy between the NYC area and regions west of Albany that we almost need separate budgets and congressional bodies. Would term limits help? Maybe, but it would still leave the seesaw tilted towards “downstate.” We know we can’t have “perfect” right now. Just finish the budget to the best of your abilities and start preparing us for what needs to happen next year. Actually, I guess by not passing a budget you get to make cuts while spreading out the blame to everyone.