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The Clan of the Cave Bear was written by Jean Auel in 1980. Her final chapter, The Land of Painted Caves came out this year. So these books were spread out over a 30 year period with a pretty big gap between the next to the last book and the last one. Have the times changed so much that these books have no appeal for younger readers? Are these the kind of hippy-dippy books that the children of the Age of Aquarius enjoyed but modern readers find out-dated? I don’t know the answer for sure but I suspect this type of anthropological/archeological fiction with or without the spiritual overtones still is popular with readers. So in the interests of those who continue to crave “enlightenment” here is a list of other authors and books which include cosmic considerations along with an anthropological focus.
James Michener, The Source, 1965 – Fiction stories illustrate the various levels of a Middle Eastern archeological dig.
Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear have written two series of Native American books between 1990 and now. One series is called The First North Americans; the second is called North America’s Forgotten Past. Titles include: People of the Wolf, People of the Fire, People of the Earth, People of the River, People of the Sea, People of the Lakes, People of the Lightning, People of the Silence, People of the Mists, People of the Masks, People of the Owl, People of the Raven, People of the Moon.  In the second series some of the book titles are:   People of the Weeping Eye, People of the Thunder, People of the Longhouse. These books often begin with a short description of an archeological dig.
Tony Hillerman is a Native American author of excellent mysteries which also sometimes have a connection to artifacts, legends or myths from Native American culture. These are listed in no particular order:  People of the Darkness, The Dark Wind (Jim Chee), The Blessing Way, Listening Woman, The First Eagle, Dance Hall of the Dead, The Shape Shifter, The Ghost Way, The Thief of Time, Coyote Waits, Skinwalker (Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee), Skeleton Man, The Wailing Wind, Hunting Badger, The Fallen Man, Sacred Clowns, The Sinister Pig, Talking God, Finding Moon, The Fly on the Wall.