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GOP – Do You Have the Stomach for this?

GOP – You are fighting for your ideals of small government – “government that will fit in a bathtub” is, I believe, the measurement offered by Grover Norquist – and yet you show no “stomach” for how this will actually impact real American people. You can’t even handle a government shutdown without trying to relieve the pain of veterans and children, or any other group that tugs at those heartstrings that you keep acting as if you don’t have. I (and probably others) do not think that this is a bad thing, but it will create some difficulties as you keep trying to move ahead with your cold-hearted agenda.

Default will be this misery times 100 – and truly small government will take the misery factor right off the charts. How will you triage the default? How will you swallow small government with children hungry and dying right and left? Cover your eyes, close your hearts, wear ear plugs, and pinch your nose. A small government for a very big America will not be pretty and we are already suspecting that you will be unable to withstand the outcry and the censure this will bring your way. You must accept responsibility for the results of your actions which will be nothing less than the destruction of our wonderful “experiment” with democracy and with the shiniest parts of our America.

Please drop this loser policy. Allow your representatives to use what should be, according to their education, their considerable intelligence to find the correct balance of safety net and costs. That will serve us well for now and might serve the Republican Party well also. Then I won’t have to spend every day trying to show the American people the errors of the GOP way.

This is the view from the cheap seats.

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