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Hillary Clinton – What Next

Diplomacy is made up of many, many small events and of intangibles like forging relationships with world leaders and the leaders of thousands of organizations that work tirelessly to make the world a better place. This entails lots of schmoozing and some “strong-arming” and meetings and conventions and conferences and speeches and travel; lots and lots of travel. From an article in USA Today we get a tiny glimpse into some of her activities as we see Hillary travelling to China to convince Chinese leaders to free blind dissident, Chen Guangcheng; travelling to India to cajole India’s leaders to reduce oil imports to Iran; renewing old friendships in one of the world’s poorest nations as she meets with Muhammed Yunus, a pioneer in providing microcredit to the poor or Sir Fazie Hasan Abed, founder of the world’s largest development organizations. USA Today says that Hillary is “part tough-talking diplomat, part back-patting politician.”

Unless you have really strong social, intellectual, and political skills you will never qualify for the job of Secretary of State. Two of our best recent Secretaries of State have been women. Madeleine Albright is legendary. I don’t think there could be a better “school” for an American President than being Secretary of State so I hope that Hillary is feeling well enough and rested enough to run in 2016, but even if she doesn’t run she has earned the chops and learned the skills to accomplish whatever goals she sets for herself.

If the only things Hillary Clinton ever accomplished were the things she has done for women that would still be enough to have created a prodigious legacy. Until the women of the world – everywhere in the world – have the same rights as men there will be important work to do and Hillary Clinton has dedicated herself to this one goal as a recurring theme that she returns to whenever she can. In fact, since she can hardly sit back and become a jet-setter for long, we may see her forming a foundation of her own to focus on the needs of women around the world.

Hillary, enjoy a rest. You deserve it. Take time out to set your new agenda and enjoy leisure and your family for awhile. And because everyone is so much tougher on the way older women look than they are on the way older men look, we will be quiet if you decide to have a few nips and tucks. Well I will anyway – others will not be able to keep their big traps shut, I am sure. Ignore them. I don’t believe you will be able to enjoy leisure for very long.

Maybe you will write a book. When you decide to return to public life we’ll be watching with interest. Maybe we can help. In the meanwhile we thank you for your energetic and very effective service to the American government and the American people (which are one and the same).