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This Is the Droid You’re Looking for!


Did you hear? That next new thing we’re looking for to kick-start the future and, incidentally, the economy may have arrived. History may be about to repeat itself and this could be Henry Ford all over again, without the pollution. Elon Musk, inventor of the Tesla car, Pay Pal, and the Ironman suit stayed up all night (I’m guessing many nights) to design the Hyperloop, a people delivery system that works like a pneumatic tube and moves people at the speed of sound anywhere on earth that the tube system gets built. Talk about a small world. It would take 45 minutes to get from NYC to the city of your choice in California.

I have been looking forward to implementing “Jetson” style transport, but now that it seems possible (tiny hiccup – it will cost billions) that maglev travel could become a reality I am not at all sure that I would want to travel the earth the way my prescription makes its way from the drive-thru to the pharmacist. There will be glitches, which may or may not involve spectacular, or even oddly silent, deaths.

Apparently a team of people have already been at work building a system that is very similar to Musk’s. Perhaps the document he has gifted the world with will help them tweak their design to make it more feasible. That there are a few bubbles of excitement in my gut either means that this might really be something, or that I am craving champagne. Oh, why not both?

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