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My Hedges and My Beardsley Prints

 In my twenties I owned two Beardsley prints (as in the Rod Stewart Song). When I bought my house one of the conncections I made right away was with the hedges around the front yard. There was nothing extraordinary about these hedges. They are overgrown now and were even worse when I saw them. They require trimming several times a year. But they struck a nostalgic chord in me because they reminded me of those Beardsley prints which hung on my walls for many years. I have tried to find copies of the prints I owned but I have not found them online so far. I think they were part of a calendar series featuring months of the year if Beardsley ever did anything like that. Anyway, these Beardsley prints feature the same kind of twisty line work that I see reflected in my hedges. I find the lines of these hedges satisfy me artistically in the same way that my Beardsley prints did. Someone recommended that I should trim at least 2 feet from my hedges, but because of the lovely lines and patterns I see in the too long branches I cannot bring myself to trim them. Besides, I am afraid they would not come back from such an extreme assault. If I am not vigilant in my pruning, however, my house could begin to look like a house where some scary nutburger lives.

I did not know anything about Beardsley slightly depraved reputation, I was in no way a sophisticated, jaded young lady. I liked the drawings purely because of the artist’s techniquie. I did not really even realize he was famous. I include this disclaimer so you will not judge my young self when or if you go online to see what else Beardsley has done. Most of the art you will find will be the work he did illustrating the King Arthur legends which is just as innocent and romantic looking as the prints I had anyway.