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Baseball Movies


Although in my Moneyball blog I
made it sound like I am not a
fan of baseball movies, when
I thought about it I realized that
there are a number of great
baseball movies that I enjoy
enough to watch more than
once. Bull Durham is one of
my favorites.

Who doesn’t love Field of Dreams? Well there is probably someone, but not me. I believe.

A League of Their Own is another baseball movie I enjoy and have watched more than once.

While I admit that I may have watched The Natural because Robert Redford was in it and I used to watch anything with Robert Redford, it still qualifies as one of the great baseball movies.
And, although I have seen the most memorable scene from the Lou Gehrig (Pride of the Yankees) movie many times I am not sure that I have ever watched the whole movie, but it is a great baseball movie and as a classic it must be mentioned in any list of baseball movies. There are other baseball movies, but I have never watched them. I do apologize for making it sound as if baseball movies are boring. In fact, when I was younger, I used to feel that watching a baseball game was like watching paint dry, but now, I enjoy sitting at the local baseball stadium on a warm summer night watching our home team (even though they often lose), engaging in a little patter, and waiting for the fireworks at the end of the game. It is a very pleasant way to spend a summer evening. I must have spring fever. I just realized that this is my third article about spectator sports this week. Yikes!