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Guns Everywhere: Mistakes Will Be Made

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Imagine that we all have guns, as many guns as we need to make us comfortable or happy. Suppose we all open carry our guns everywhere we go?

Do our law enforcers want our help? Do they need our help? Do they want people out and about in America shooting bad guys (or women)? Are we certain that we will only use these guns in mass shooting situations? What could go wrong with that? Will we still have any effective system of law and order? It is already difficult for police when they have to enforce everyday law and order, and also act like a military force to stop terrorists from doing their worst. We have seen the effects of having to be hyper alert. Mistakes will be made.

It does seem possible that we might like to know how to defend ourselves if we are invaded. But we have seen mass shooters with all sorts of ideologies. Radicalized Islamic terrorists have been rare in this country so far. Until we are at war on our own soil having everyone running around with guns seems useless and, I don’t know about you, but it frightens me. I cannot believe that the police really want us all taking justice into our own hands.

The GOP is “rabble rousing” and this is a dangerous thing. Background checks for everyone in any gun buying/selling transaction is such a sensible beginning that it would be unclear why we can’t get this done if I didn’t see the behavior of Republicans. The newest argument against background checks and other laws like denying people assault rifles is that California has tough gun laws and it made no difference there. Having tough laws in one state is not the same as having tough standards nationally. We can’t even pass a law that requires background checks for people on the terrorist no-fly list. To protect a few gun lovers who may be on that list by mistake we must all live with a loophole that could be deadly. I realize that right now in Congress the GOP “has the conn” but I don’t have to like it. And I don’t have to like people like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or even Lindsey Graham who are too extreme on this issue to ever be our President (I hope).

On the other hand, we the people are not busing ourselves to D.C. We are not voting with our feet. We are passionate on both sides, but we are just signing petitions and talking on Facebook and Twitter. We could try tighter background checks for a year, keep statistics, and see if any conclusions could be drawn, but we won’t.

Apparently, in this case, only a head count will do – only a mass demonstration on the DC Mall will make a dent in the GOP fervor. Winter is coming, though, and a mass demonstration is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Are sporting good shops offering body armor yet?

What Ted Cruz had to say…

By Nancy Brisson