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Our Best Behavior is Required

Politics always interested me because in America the people are supposed to be the government. We say who represents us and we are supposed to tell our government what we would like them to do, although how they know who to listen to with all the opposing opinions, I’m sure I don’t know. I guess they listen most to those who elected them.

We have certain humanitarian ideals which make me proud to be an American so I tend to support people who I think uphold these humanitarian beliefs. However, to maintain our position as a world power, which is necessary to accomplishing our humanitarian ideals we must have a healthy economy. Our capitalist economy is sometimes at odds with our ideals. We have to have balance between idealism and economic realities.

I hate to see my country experiencing financial difficulties and I hate how our tight financial circumstances are curtailing our more altruistic instincts. If our economic health doesn’t improve will we get more and more selfish and contentious.

I also hate to see my country reviled around the world. I know we have meddled in other governments, sometimes for national security reasons, sometimes for financial gain and sometimes, because our ideals kicked in. I know we seem to have a zeal to “convert” countries around the world into democracies, which is somewhat arrogant and pretty unrealistic in some cases. I can see that some countries cannot help but be our natural enemies because they have so little regard for the humanistic concerns that motivate us. I don’t think we can afford to go to war with every country whose leaders don’t live up to our beliefs.

We have to walk the fine lines of diplomacy and make our case to the world through the way we treat each other. We’re a little behind the curve on this I would say. I hope we can solve our problems with our economy and our environment and our energy requirements without losing sight of our ideals. Our planet is feeling so little out here at the edge of the universe.