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Just Dance

I wasn’t going to watch So You Think You Can Dance last night. I have been a faithful viewer for at least five years, but I thought about skipping it. When I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to watch I changed my mind. Then I remembered how much I like this particular “American Idol” type show. When this show began it was difficult to find great dancers and some of the auditions were painful to watch. Over the years the number of great dancers has increased. I believe this show can actually take some credit for making more people think that being a dancer is a legitimate goal. Of course there have always been dancers, but this show expanded the perception of dance to include in the family of dancers people like B-boys (break dancers), hip hop dancers, krumpers, and others who do a number of modern, sort of homegrown styles of dance.
It may be hard to accept that dancers can be trained on street corners, but some of the street dancers who have competed on So You Think You Can Dance have shown an ability to conquer other dance genres like ballroom and contemporary styles that are miles away from break dancing or hip hop. Last night dancer after dancer was spectacular. It surprised me when so many of these young people were so excellent.  Their talent energized me and I got that natural high that I sometimes get when someone pulls me into their world through their skill and charm.
So now I am hooked for another season of this dance show which is not a terrible thing at all since it will involve watching great dancers all summer. I am embarrassed to say how many times I have watched the mass tango scene in Moulin Rouge. It is genius. In fact there are a number of great movies that center on dance and I like them all. I have watched White Nights over and over just to see Barishnikov dance solo and also with Gregory Hines, and it is not really a great movie. It’s a good thing nothing is clamoring for my attention on Wednesday nights because I am now unavailable.