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Art Exhibit and Dinner in Utica, New York

There is an exhibit of Impressionist painters at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica, New York. If you happen to be nearby you can still catch it. It will continue into November. The museum has a web site. I have been to this museum twice and each time it has been an excellent day trip. This time we all met in the Terrace Cafe to eat an early lunch. It’s set up nicely and has a great view over the back lawn. On warm days there is an outside terrace with hanging flower baskets adding to the ambiance, but the terrace was closed for our visit and the plants taken in. The days are too chilly for outside dining now.

What I love about the Impressionists is that you get two paintings for the price of one. If you examine the painting up close and personal it breaks down into the individual brush strokes and you can see the color palette the artist chose to use. Back up and eventually the painting will snap into perfect focus and lose much of the hazy quality it has up close. Here are a few of the paintings we saw, which look much more beautiful in person.

Theodore Earl Butler, Marc Chagall, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Claude Monet, Gaston La Touche

After the museum we went to a local restaurant that was recommended to us. It was too early to eat again but it was someone‚Äôs birthday and our lunch was light and we didn’t want the day to end yet so we went. I loved this place. It is a classic Italian restaurant in a city noted for its Italian food. I has pink chairs. I immediately fell in love with the way the place looks inside.

Turns out they were very nice too us. Our server, who might be the son of the owner had very long legs and he strode easily and handsomely back and forth from kitchen to table. The sauce was so good we wanted to bring some home and you can. They bottle it to sell. The restaurant is called Ventura’s and you will find it online and at 787 Lansing St. in Utica, New York. So delicious!

By Nancy Brisson