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The Lake in a Snowless Winter

Usually the lake park by my house is buried in snow on February 10th, but since we are having the winter that wasn’t, I thought I would go to the park and take some pictures of this place which waits, any time of the year, to feed your senses with a hit of nature’s beauty and calm just when you need it most. When I remember to slow down and take a walk in the park I always approach my day in a better frame of mind. But often in February you need cross country skis to enjoy the park and about the best you can do is sit in one of the plowed parking lots and look at the show from your car. I wish I had made it to the park on the previous day because it was even more of an anamaly, it was a sunny and snowless February day. And it is a good thing I didn’t wait until today because we got a dusting of snow and the park would not have been in this unique state of winter nakedness. Enjoy a walk in my park.