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Have We Dipped Our Brushes in Too Many Pots?


Are we fighting on too many fronts, politically I mean, of course? When Jackson Pollack dips his brush in lots of pots it works. But do we want a government that looks like this painting? Chaos does not make good government. We have Obama’s agenda which won him election as our President twice. We have the attacks the Republicans are making on issues already settled into law. They are trying to remake America into a Christian state, I guess, a Christian state that also guarantees total laissez-faire Capitalism. (This could be an experiment similar to the one in China that tries to meld an authoritarian government with Capitalism except we have already had devout Christians who were also entrepreneurs. It was called the Middle Ages.)



Here are the issues Obama and the American people want to tackle:

Stimulating jobs, lowering unemployment rates

Climate Change and Alternate energy sources


Gun Control


End the war in Afghanistan

Modernize Infrastructure

Gay Rights

Implement the Affordable Care Act


Here are the issues that the GOP is pursuing:

Defeat the Affordable Care Act

Overturn Roe v. Wade

Get rid of Affirmative Action

Voter ID and Voter suppression laws

Overturn voter laws which prevent changing voter laws

Lower taxes on Big Business and the wealthy

Get rid of the IRS

Find a pretense that works to impeach the President

Get rid of restrictions on business, banks and markets

Open Keystone and drill everywhere

Cut people loose from the Safety Net – Make government smaller

Roll back restrictive environmental laws

Cut debt and deficits

Get rid of labor unions

Default on public pensions

By considering so many issues at once we are unable to concentrate on any. It’s as if someone is constantly waving his/her arms saying “look over here” or “we need your attention over here”. It is too much so people just tune out and that is definitely a strategy of the Republican Party. They just keep changing the subject and it is quite effective. We have to continuously react instead of acting.

Who has accomplished more of their agenda by pursuing tactics like obstructionism, extreme gerrymandering, using states to win their agenda, stuffing courts with Conservatives and making sure Liberals cannot be appointed to federal courts, using the red states to implement their agenda, even if their agenda disregards the Constitution and federal laws? You know who; the GOP.

The people who elected the President have been unable to accomplish many of the items on our agenda while the Republicans have been busily stealing America from the American people. Their strategies are creative but they lead to dark days for the American people. If the minority party usurps the agenda of America even though they did not win the Presidency, we are in a new era where elections are beside the point and the Constitution can be circumvented.

There is only one way to stop this trend that ignores the Constitution, the laws of the courts and the American political system, and that way is to elect Democrats in 2014 and 2016.