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"Canoodling" with Communists


In the past I have praised corporations for globalization. Having a planet where the distance between the rich and the poor is so great and offers such a miserable quality of life to so many seems wrong when we are brought up in a land that says it believes that all people are created equal. Albeit the distance between the wealthiest and the poorest Americans is still very great, but, globally that gap probably exceeds the personal income gap in America by at least several factors of ten. So it seemed fair when corporations set up offices in countries where most citizens experienced very low standards of living. At least it did until I thought about what is really, probably, just an opportunity for exercising those greed muscles. Sometimes I let my idealism get in the way of my cynicism. In my experience people who hold power and wealth rarely do things for totally altruistic reasons.

When you think about it carefully it is almost like a scam. Here we have workers who do not live in a democracy, or even if they do they probably are not enfranchised. Along come some factories offering jobs; nice steady jobs. There are no labor unions in these nations. Employees may be subject to a totalitarian government which sets wages and determines hours and other working conditions. These leaders may even be able to conscript workers and move them around the country as needed. They may require them to live in dormitories so that their work will be the focus of their lives. These people will not ask for raises, they will not strike, they will not form unions. They are not free people.

Perhaps instead of going to liberate people, our corporations went to exploit captive workers who live under communism, at least in the case of China and a few other third world nations. These “capitalists” have the nerve to accuse Obama and the American people of being socialists while they make enormous profits from a labor force that is almost slave labor. It is wrong to call Obama a socialist while you are “canoodling” with communists and to then use this form of government as a fear tactic against the President of the United States. Surely you can see why Americans might find this hypocritical.

Someday there will be nowhere to find cheap labor and perhaps the gaps between economic classes will not be as large as they are today and the American worker can once again rejoin the world’s work force. Unless we have found better things to do or better places to be by then. It is possible that there is room for both altruism and cynicism in globalization, and we can see that it is changing the world forever, but I don’t think we should just give these corporate manipulators a pass. Perhaps they are not true fans of democracy and perhaps that is why we have to listen to libertarians, who sound more like corporate shills and extreme right wing conservatives. Small government would fit in nicely with their desire to have free rein without having to deal with governments, elections, or a pesky thing like the electorate. Get over yourselves, you people with all the bucks; the world you envision would not be worth living in, even with scads of money!

If you are one of those non-wealthy people who spends time moaning about how America is turning into a socialist nation you may be a zombie created by corporate and wealthy special interest groups who have been playing on the fact that you feel sidelined. They have you blaming your lose of self-esteem on minorities and illegal immigrants when, in fact, they are to blame for the fact that you now feel beside the point in America. Stand up and ask for what we need and what we earned. Don’t think that you are valued by the Republican Party which gets strong support from corporations and the wealthy. Fight for the social safety net; it is not socialist. Fight for growth rather than austerity. Don’t buy that crap that the federal budget is like your personal budget and must be balanced at all times. This is a great big country we are running here, not a small household. The needs of 300+million people hang in the balance: our schools, our highways, our environment, our energy. Corporations want us to do only what will benefit them. They do not care about the rest of us. That is our job. If you have been bamboozled, don’t allow it any more. Elect Democrats in 2014.