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The Great American Divide

Ages and ages ago when this election began, the split between Democrats and Republicans was 47%/47%. Now after months and weeks and days of campaigning, after billions of dollars in ads, after weeks spent cramming for debates and after three televised debates, we, the American people have not budged. We are still facing the same great political divide we have faced for the past 4 years. How will we ever resolve our differences? We will have to depend on that little 6% in the middle, the 6% that can’t decide which way to go or that has no interest in the election and therefore will not vote. In fact we really don’t know how many of each of the 47% groups will vote. Does everyone feel a sense of urgency about this election? It seems that way if you watch CNN or FOX all day, but if you listen to family and friends on Facebook, the election is not as important as sports or their everyday lives. People who plan to vote seem to have already made a decision about who they will vote for and they are done with that. They will go vote on November 6th or not, but their attention has moved on to other interests and entertainments.
Will Democrats stonewall Republicans if Romney is elected? Well they won’t be able to unless the House changes hands and the Senate stays as it is. But they can sure try and I think they should. If we are truly evenly divided we should not allow the opposition agenda to go forward. The Democrats should cause just as much frustration for the Republicans as they have caused for us. Even though Romney is so squishy about his agenda, he still wants to do things that I don’t agree with such as overturn the Affordable Care Act and appoint Supreme Court judges who may overturn Roe v. Wade, defund Planned Parenthood, send Medicaid to the states, make 5% cuts to all discretionary items in the budget except Defense and not raise taxes on anyone at all. He implies that Obama does not take enough pride in America or beat the drum loudly enough in his foreign policy stands. While it is true that Obama didn’t call anyone the “axis of evil”, he does understand that people all around the world are interested in the same rights and privileges we treasure in America and that, when push comes to shove, he is on the side of people fighting for their rights. He also reminds us that he has gone to our allies around the world, those allies who do not favor aggression and tyranny, and that he has created a coalition of powerful nations who will at least cooperate to limit access to nuclear weapons and to help keep Iran, in particular, from making a nuclear weapon. Since Romney has moved himself to a place where he sounds far less extreme than his base, and since his foreign policy is almost exactly the same as that of Obama, I really don’t understand why we need to change horses in midstream so to speak.
If the election ends in a tie, rather than appeal to the Supreme Court for a decision, I would prefer to have 2 Presidents and 2 Vice Presidents. Maybe co-Presidents could get the job done. I am sure they would not want to turn the oval office into a boxing ring. I know this makes me sound nutty, but I prefer to categorize it as “thinking outside the box”. I am not, in any way, abdicating my preference for Obama. I just don’t ever want us to do what we did in the “hanging chads” year. The resolution to that election left almost no one happy except the Republicans in Washington. To knit the American people back together we need meaningful and carefully crafted compromise; or we need Obama!