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Put Your Money On The Table

The other day I posted an article in which the GOP complained that the 14 foundations backing the Democrats were far richer than the 75 organizations that back Conservatives, most of which are not foundations but groups formed by people of some influence who love what Conservatives stand for. They were implying that Obama had access to lots more funding than their guy, Mitt Romney. Don’t you believe those Republicans. They are tricky.
The Democrats have tried to pursue an election funding strategy that relies less on big donations from corporations, PAC’s, and Super PAC’s and more on grassroots donations. The huge difficulty with this is that Supreme Court ruling called Citizen’s United, which came out of nowhere, pushed campaign financing right out of reach of grassroots Americans. Obama also did some things that riled up certain groups who were past corporate donors. They are withdrawing financial support from Obama, but in doing so they are revealing the influence they have over the agenda in Washington, DC.
The foundations that back the Democrats are 501 (c) (3) organizations (not-for-profits). They cannot contribute to political campaigns. This is one big reason that Obama’s election funds are lagging behind those of Mitt Romney, quite a bit behind. The GOP makes a big stink every time Hollywood connections entertain Obama and raise funds for him. Mitt Romney is being expensively wined and dined also but by businessmen instead of movie stars.
If you agree with me that the Republican agenda is too extreme. If you agree that there is a lot more on their plate than just small government. If you agree that they have been quite mysterious about how small a government they are shooting for. If you agree that totally unregulated Capitalism will run amok.  If you believe that along with their obsession with making our federal government tiny, we get a sort of religious, moral agenda that will hardly bode well for freedom of religion, or even just freedom in American – then you need to make a contribution to the Obama campaign, however small. He does not have the deep pockets to plunder that the Republicans claim he has.
Make your contribution to Obama’s 2012 Election Campaign today.