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We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

Paris on TV4.jpe

We have to stop meeting in front of our TV’s like this. For one thing if attacks by terrorists will be more frequent it will make us too sad just when we need to keep our wits about us. I’m not saying we won’t mourn our loved ones and the loved ones of others in this very unconventional war against terrorists who intend to harm us. Innocent people have been harmed and we know that may happen again. But can’t we find a more private way to grieve? Days and days of nonstop media coverage gives these killers more power than they deserve. It is no great brave act to kill people out for an evening’s entertainment. There is no heroism in this, no martyrdom.

We do need to hear when the perpetrators of these cowardly acts have been found or captured or killed. We need to hear how they were radicalized. But we need to hear it far less often. Perhaps we really need 500 different “expert” opinions about whether or not we should respond on behalf of our partners in NATO and on our own behalf, how we should respond, and whether we should send American soldiers into harm’s way again, but it is confusing to hear so many opposing opinions, and it is excessive.

Recently the police have stopped repeating the names of mass shooters on American news shows. I think we will have to restrain our deep emotions and do the same thing with terrorists. Terrorists often die while carrying out the attacks ordered by their overlords but the terrorists who sent them out to kill are still alive and every tear, every candle, every flower, every note adds to their satisfaction with the success of their activities.

Praying might be good if you believe or would like to believe. The thought of all those Christian prayers directed to the heavens may make these evil men quail. And although each of these dire events is followed by a drumbeat – war-war-war – I must confess that I have no stomach for sending our soldiers into this strange land to bear the brunt of this holy hysteria. I would rather they train us all here in America to defend our free nation against those who see only the disadvantages of freedom and who want to rule us, rob us of our hard-won liberty, of our Democracy, of our very lives.

So let’s not be hasty. Let’s not see a rush to engage in what could be a very long and bloody war. The leaders of our armed forces should plan very carefully for a number of different contingencies that put as few of our people in danger as possible before we send soldiers to be caught and publicly executed by these men who use ancient texts to try to obliterate modern cultures.

Given the 24/7 news cycle and the ratings to be earned from coverage of dramatic and upsetting world events it is not easy for our media to practice restraint. Perhaps each event generates a certain energy, however tragic, that needs to be acknowledged over a certain series of days, but when I turn my attention to the pleasure these atavistic power mad men get from our round-the-clock coverage it brings me back to my original contention. We have to stop meeting in front of our TV’s like this.

By Nancy Brisson (offering the 501st opinion)