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The Budget Committee, December, 2013


If this budget committee spends all this time coming up with a budget that doesn’t reflect the will of the majority then we will know that the war between the 1% and the rest of us is still on. However if they do come up with a “little deal budget”, a moderate budget, it tells us very little.

Since the GOP still seems bent on maximum chaos until 2016, we were almost certain that this work group would produce either no budget or a budget Democrats wouldn’t be able to swallow. Recently a third possibility has emerged, which suggests that, if the GOP is trying to keep things on the down low until the 2014 election (and they have been keeping quite a low profile lately), then they will approve a more moderate budget. News leaking out of the budget committee suggests that this may indeed be the case.

Republicans have already accomplished , after all, so much of their agenda in the 30 states that are Republican-controlled. They have won so many victories at the state and local level and through the incomprehensible rulings in the courts that they probably feel that if they just don’t attract too much attention between now and November then they can keep their majority in the House and also win a majority in the Senate (because Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare).

We shall see what they do at the continuing resolution deadline and when the debt ceiling needs to be raised again. Democrats should not assume that anything has been won if the Republicans don’t raise a fuss right now. They will be trying to look demure (you can laugh here) to get ready for their future (and fantasy) victory. We cannot afford a Republican government while the GOP is on its crusade to drastically cut government. It will be interesting, but hopefully not frightening, to see what that budget committee comes up with.

Democratic action groups must do all in their power to come up with well-constructed campaigns, articles, strategies, and ads to get Democrats elected in the next two elections. We, the people who believe that right now we need Democrats in office, need to contribute to Democratic action groups (when we can) that will help Democrats win in 2014 and again in 2016. There is a lot at stake; at this moment more than ever.

Elect Democrats in 2014.
This is the view from the cheap seats.
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