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My 1000th Blog Post – My Sister Wrote a Book

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This post is a milestone for me; it is my 1,000thpost to my blog which has given me the opportunity to think out loud over the past five years. I’m not ready to be done, but I may publish less often. I might take a mini-break, although I enjoy writing and I don’t really want to lose my momentum.

Anyway, for this little personal goalpost on my life’s journey I wanted a special topic and then my sister wrote and e-published a book. Yes my sister, Bonnie Burnatowski wrote a story about a pair of psychic detectives called Death in Sight. Her heroine, Alexandra, wakes up in a hospital after a near death experience; she wakes to the full realization that she has lost her beloved husband, John and that she did not get to go with him, that she must remain in this world and try to make a life without John. Not only has she lost her husband but she is being forced, perhaps by her close brush with death, to accept the psychic experiences, the “seeing” that she has denied as a curse until now. She had a psychic “vision” while still in the hospital which involved her nurse. The nurse, Kimberly, is later found dead.

Her husband, John, had a best friend, Jace, who Alex always found it difficult to be around. Jace also is a psychic and has been helping in police investigations for years. Although Alex would like to avoid Jace she finds that his similar experiences comfort her as she deals with the horrible new viewings she is experiencing. What Alex “sees” are violent deaths and it is, understandably freaking her out. Her own new dining set, purchased at an antique shop, takes her to the most unsettling places if she as much as touches it. And someone is stalking her also, writing disturbing notes to her, leaving little gifts. Danger is all around her, and she wants to prevent whoever murdered her nurse, Kimberly from murdering anyone else, including her. Now that Alex is gaining some distance from John’s death, she is forced to accept that there has always been an attraction between her and Jace that she could not deal with because of her love for John.

Together and with Jace’s partner, Eli, and Alex’s friend, Olivia, these two work to find the murderer who is not only murdering women, but mutilating them. They also have to deal with those in law enforcement who find investigation based on psychic observations unacceptable and even laughable.

My little sister wrote a good book. There were times when I was reading that I forgot the book was written by my little sister because I just got lost in the story. I think my sister is especially good at dialogue, which sounds like real speech and has a nice humor to it when appropriate, and a nice gravity to it when required. So Bonnie, you are the subject of my 1000th blog and I wish you every success with your book. I know you are almost ready to publish another book. Bonnie’s book is available on in a print edition and a Kindle edition.