After the 2016 Iowa Primary

Hillary and Bernie2

This election cycle started so early that it was almost a surprise when we finally arrived at the first primary of the 2016 election in Iowa. In my opinion the caucuses were a hot mess this year. Did Ted Cruz really announce to the people of Iowa that Ben Carson had withdrawn from the race, a statement that was patently untrue but might have netted him some of Carson’s ballots? Apparently he did, although he apologized after the caucus was over. You gotta love his timing.

Why did Hillary say she had won when the Democratic caucuses were not finalized? Why did her staff have her do that? Did some contests in the Democratic caucuses end in tie votes that were actually decided by a coin toss? That seems to be a true statement but there is more to this story, however it’s quite technical in a way you probably don’t want to know about. If you do want an explanation it can be googled.

Bernie Sanders is thinking about asking for a recount. Since the way the Democrats vote by just collecting in groups of like-minded people and then counting is sort of akin to a flash mob how would you ask for a recount?

I have decided to think of round one in the Democratic primaries as a toss-up, a tie. People are obviously excited by Bernie Sanders’ “revolutionary” middle class agenda. In fact we have given up fighting about Socialism, and we are now fighting about who is more Progressive. Given the number of Republicans in Congress and taking into account the analyses which suggest that those numbers are unlikely to change very much because of things like gerrymandering and voter suppression, it seems improbable to expect a far left agenda to make much headway even if Bernie Sanders does win the Presidency.

I feel that this is the time to elect a woman to the Presidency and we have a woman who is well-prepared to occupy the oval office. Everyone is saying that Bernie Sanders is FDR, but what if Hillary Clinton is FDR and Bernie is Eleanor Roosevelt. After all, FDR was a reluctant Progressive. The real activist was Eleanor Roosevelt. I want a ticket on the Democratic side that has Hillary for President and Bernie for VP. I can’t picture Bernie Sanders being simply a rubber stamp Vice President. He can hopefully prod Hillary to govern a bit more to the left.

By Nancy Brisson

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