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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Book

Gone Girl

This is the story of Amy and Nick (whose real name, sorry to say, is Lance). You may like the name Lance, but Nick doesn’t and he has good reasons. This is a love story (wow) and a mystery (yikes) and there are plenty of reasons why it was on the best seller list for many, many weeks.

There are layers and layers to this story which begins with two writers succeeding in the Big Apple. These attractive writers meet and, after some travail, fall in love, marry, and live the dream in NYC for a while. But the internet’s rise spells disaster for print media, as we well know. These two writers lose their jobs, the wife’s trust fund, and the city that defines them. They move to Nick’s home town in Missouri (on the banks of the mighty Mississippi) because they are too broke for New York, because his mom is diagnosed with cancer, his estranged Dad has Alzheimer’s, and Nick’s twin sister, Margo, still lives there and because Nick insists.

How much of our personality is tied up in the image we wish to present to the outside world and how much is real? Amy and Nick will certainly make you wonder about this. How much of a role does our childhood and the parenting we received, and the family dynamic we grew up with play a part in our lives? How far would you, as a woman, go to get your cheating, attention-wandering, less-than-perfect husband in line? Is Amy a psycho? Is Nick a psycho?

I definitely don’t want to put any spoilers in here. Read the book. See the movie. This one lives up to its hype and its way more entertaining than this article.

By Nancy Brisson

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Lessons from The Red Death


The Ebola virus is a nightmare – a modern nightmare that connects back to a past that we have read about but have never really experienced (although the polio epidemic gave us a taste). The descriptions of Ebola, its symptoms and its deadly effects, its spread, the seeming inevitability that it will spread further and cost more and more lives; the threat that it will decimate families, cities, and even countries brings to mind that awful word “plague” which we relate to the Middle Ages, before people knew about microscopic creatures called germs. Reading about the plague in history books gave us the information, the bare facts, but movies and fiction have given us the true horrors of the plague; of living with the nearly sure knowledge that every day could be your last.

When a family member sickened with plague-like symptoms did you dare care for them as people normally care for people they love when they are ill? If you took the dare and did what you felt was your duty as a human being anyway, because your love or your conscience was too strong to walk away, did you resign yourself to death in order to do your sick room tasks properly?

I remember reading The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe, whose stories, while beyond dark, always feature some of our most human weaknesses. In this particular story the nobles, upon learning that a plague known as The Red Death (because people died bleeding) was nearing their neighborhood, provisioned a walled castle as if for a siege and they held a continuous masked ball while The Red Death raged around them. Little did they know that The Red Death was already in there with them, one of the masked guests, spreading toxins while they all danced. When the plague passed by and the villagers opened the castle everyone inside was dead. I may not remember the story accurately in every detail, but overall, that’s how I remember it.

There is still a message for us in such a tale. Although every instinct tells us that helping those in Africa who are suffering from Ebola is too difficult, and that doing so may bring the disease to our own shores, isolation is not the answer either. We have the safeguards for workers, the knowledge of how to stop contagions, the science of hygiene, and we certainly have greater financial resources than Western Africa for getting the conditions right. And we have Poe’s cautionary tale to show us where backing away in horror and isolating ourselves might get us. We see that heeding our humanitarian good angel might be counter-intuitive, but it also might be the correct path to take. We obviously wish that three tough objectives could be met immediately 1) get that medicine that seems so promising approved, manufactured, and delivered really fast, 2) bring the rest of the nations on our planet up to modern standards of cleanliness, preparedness, and awareness of ways to combat contagion from any source – plant, insect, animal, or human 3) end poverty (that Global Initiative to End Poverty is looking pretty good right now, isn’t it).

We are certainly a ways from meeting all three of these objectives, but this is probably not yet the “big one”, the global pandemic that could kill off an enormous percentage of the world’s population. And if you are thinking that this might be a good thing to “cull the herd”, remember that any one of us could be in the group that is afflicted and dies.

Let’s keep the safety of the soldiers we sent to fight Ebola in mind. I hope that we sent them to Africa with every “state of the art” safety precaution our busy brains have come up with and our busy hands have produced. We are rooting for our soldiers, for the sick people in Africa, for the healthy people in Africa, for ourselves, and for our world. Hopefully if we can learn to stop epidemics while they are relatively small we can avoid ever having to face the Global Pandemic of recent movie fame, the threat we thought we had left back in the Middle Ages.

By Nancy Brisson

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Apparently Greed Makes You Stupid

climate change slot machine

Why aren’t we forming committees, think tanks, and community organizations to voluntarily curtail our energy-greedy lifestyles gradually rather than waiting for the big fail. Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work?

We could sit here and watch our climate change as we would watch the symbols come up in the windows of a slot machine – what will our overheated atmosphere do to us today? We could watch as the ocean water that already floods parking structures in Miami at high tide floods these parking structure permanently. We could watch as our beaches are pushed back like the beaches in Norfolk, Va. We can watch as the water cycle is disrupted, as torrential rains fall in some locales while other, once green, places dry and crack with drought. It’ll be exciting. What does nature have in store for us next? And this won’t just happen in America; it will happen all around the globe.

Shall we wake up one day in a freezing cold house because it becomes finally clear to all that it is our love of fossil fuels that is fueling our wild climate swings? Our cozy houses and our McMansions seem far less comfortable already when we lose power even for short periods of time; how much less homey will they seem when we lose cooling, heating, electricity, and hot running water for long periods of time, or permanently? Are you ready to give these things up for good? Do you want to be taken by surprise?

If we have no electricity we will soon have to do without even cold water. All the old springs used to have taps where you could fill containers with water in an emergency. All those old taps are gone. We truck in fresh water to people in modern catastrophes. What if that isn’t an option? What if no water trucks appear anywhere in America (or even the world) some day? We have no individual access to water. Recently town water has been considered a human need and most people are now on the water grid. What if you suddenly needed a well? Do you have the slightest idea how to dig one yourself and how to line it to make the water usable?

How long will any trees on your land last if we run out of fuel? Do you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace? We have gotten rid of our primitive backup systems. They took up too much space, they didn’t look nice, and we never used them anymore. Do we think it will be easy to get new old-fashioned systems up and running again? Those old heating systems burned wood. Burning wood will no longer be a good choice. Wind and solar will start to look pretty good.


Climate scientists suggest that our lifestyles will change drastically and sooner than we thought. Even if they are wrong about the timing we know in our guts we have to find ways to live comfortable lives without fossil fuels or face the new dark ages. Doesn’t it make sense to discuss all this and make plans for a future that will not impact so negatively on the earth and therefore, eventually, on us?

raining money

We have a group of Americans who are incredibly fortunate and who have also used their power to make sure the blessings keep pouring down on them. When they say “make it rain” they are not doing a rain dance; they are passing laws, regulations, and rules that will cause money to rain down on them.

But money won’t help much when only a few people have it. And money will burn, but even billions won’t burn for long. You can keep using your money to buy you a skewed government and you can use it to make the “rain” continue to line your pockets until the planet says “time’s up”.

You can feel happy that we “the little people, the takers” are forced to live subsistence existences when you are not. Your edge won’t last long either. If the grid goes down it takes us all down with it (after the fights over any remaining stockpiles end). What fun would it be even if you did get to lead a shiny lifestyle in a very dull world?

Although a climate change apocalypse would certainly make other problems pale by comparison, it is highly likely that countries with the most oil will be able to hold out the longest and that may furnish them with the advantages they would require to rule the world – a double whammy.

It doesn’t have to be this way (and perhaps it won’t anyway). Can we afford to take that chance? We know in our hearts that our planet cannot offer all 9 billion inhabitants (by 2050) the same level of comforts that some of us enjoy today. Your wealth, used to reengineer our lives, rather than rig the system so you few can hold on to your old lives – would make all the difference. If your funds and your business sense and your passion could do this for earth we would not bother you again for a long time about how wealthy you are. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend it all.


“Dumbledore’s Army”

Dumbledore's Army2

I find the whole NRA gun culture thing really weird. I shot a gun exactly once in my life at some empty cans in the desert and I was really bad at it. When the NRA gets all pissy and puts on its “mean” face it makes me so angry my fists curl, but it also shocks me that this organization is able to defend “guns everywhere” by simply saying “Second Amendment” in increasingly threatening tones. All those lovely children were shot to death in Newtown and these guys just protected their very loose interpretation of the Second Amendment with paranoid claims that our own government wants to disarm us all or enslave us all or take away our freedoms. If people roam the streets with bazookas some day (do bazookas still exist) (OK, heat seeking missiles then) will the NRA still defend these “guns” by shooting bullets at us with their eyes?

However, and in spite of all the things I just said, the threats from the Middle East are giving me second thoughts about this. It does get my dander up when someone makes threats against America. I can’t help myself. If it came down to it I would want to defend my country and myself, but I would be useless in that capacity. I don’t know a thing about fighting and I don’t have enough strength to put up a very good fight. I think for women an enemy like these jihadists is pretty scary (although the possibility of being beheaded is also pretty darn scary) because there might no longer be a land called America where women won the right to be treated as people.

So, although I would purely hate to do anything to support those pretenders in the NRA, I am thinking that we might need to teach all Americans to shoot and then arm ourselves to the teeth, just in case the terrorists who are threatening to attack America on our own soil actually do. But then we might be arming domestic terrorists also you might say. Well I’m guessing that they are way ahead of the rest of us; they already have their guns and ammo. If they are domestic terrorists we often don’t recognize that they are dangerous until it is too late so there is no sense worrying about them.

We might also be arming people with mental disorders, and mentally ill people with guns have proven to be quite problematic in modern America. Mental illness is an issue that requires the continuing attention of professionals who understand such disorders, in combination with our government who can work on the rules that will keep guns safely lock away when necessary. We also must accept that in a country loaded with firearms we can never stop everyone who believes a gun will set things straight for them. I would like to limit guns, but this might not be the time for that.

I never wanted to own a gun, but that was because I do not fear my own government as some Americans do. However, I don’t want people who terrorize others to think that in America we are sitting in our houses, quaking like aspens, and awaiting the awful fate they hope to deliver.

So to arms, to arms!

It’s time for the “Room of Requirement” and “Dumbledore’s Army”; time for a citizen’s army to be trained, as we are training foreign armies, to defend ourselves, our nation, and our Freedom.

By Nancy Brisson

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Republican War Magic


Republicans would like us to believe that if they could just get elected our problems with Russia would end, North Korea would befriend us, and the jihadists in the Middle East would quake in their boots and then shape up because the Republicans are known to be true hawks who don’t get mad; they get even.

That’s not the way they say it when they face the media. Instead they criticize, over and over again, the decisions of the current administration, they raise the fear level of Americans, and they talk “hawk” talk. They lead us to conclude that they want full-out war and Obama doesn’t so his foreign policy is crap. They want the President of America to talk tough and never waffle or, indeed, never even act thoughtful. They don’t want to see the stages that the President goes through in his thinking about how we should deal with this complex set of overseas conflicts. They don’t think Americans should see the man behind the curtain. They think the image the world should see is the Hulk or the Terminator (in other words, a phony super hero).

I have been watching The Roosevelts series by Ken Burns on Public TV. FDR was strongly criticized about every decision he made, but the American people were not privy to every phase of his reasoning because there was no 24/7 news cycle. Modern Presidents cannot hide anything. If s/he doesn’t share, someone else will.

What astonishes me is that the American people seem to be buying what the Republicans are selling although it is difficult to imagine why. It is impossible to accept that just electing Republicans will bring the bad actors around the world to heel and calm the winds of change that are fanning the fires around the world. Are we sheep?

These are the people who lied to us so we would send our soldiers to fight and die in Iraq, a country with a terribly cruel leader, but a country which had apparently not done any actual harm to America. I get embarrassed by how easily the war drums are employed to awaken Americans, especially Americans who will not actually have to fight.


Get a grip America. Republicans have obstructed all progress in America for the past six years. They have been the enemies of the middle class and they are just waiting for the chance to sell workers out to big business for pennies on the dollar and, although the federal government has messed a bit too much with our schools for our taste, that is nothing compared to what the Republicans wish to do to education in America.

Vote with the Democrats in 2014, and again in 2016. Show that you are smart and not just an easy target for empty rhetoric.

By Nancy Brisson

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Scoring Politics Like a Sport

sports scorecard

Score the people running for office like you would score a sports game. I can’t understand why people who like sports don’t like politics. They are so similar. Both offer new games all of the time with unpredictable outcomes. Sports may have more on-the-field rules, but, as we have seen in recent days, there are almost no off-the-field rules that are actually enforced, but these unenforced rules may still come back to ruin your career. Wow, politics is even more like sports than I thought. So make a grid and score your candidates. How would each candidate vote on important issues? If they won’t be straight about it, or they won’t answer, or no one asks, make it a point to ask the local media to find out.

Here’s a possible grid you could use for the issues important for this election:

Score Sheet Politics 2014 pg1

Score Sheet Politics 2014 pg2

Watch the debates. Read the articles in the newspaper. Make your check marks.

Of course, I feel that that GOP has obstructed progress on every one of the issues in my grid so we have to assume they have no interest in these aspects of our lives which interest us so much. And it is my belief that this is because we are not rich enough to be Republicans. But, please, draw your own conclusions; just do not draw them only from FOX TV (please).

By Nancy Brisson

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Why Dan’s the Man

Dan Maffei5

Dan Maffei is a nice man. He is a family man with a new wife and his first child. He did buy a townhouse in Washington, DC but he also maintains a residence in Dewitt in Syracuse. He lives a life that is split between two places, he apparently had earned enough money to afford two houses and he wants his family with him. Living in Washington, DC when Congress is in session actually may give an advantage to Dan Maffei and to his constituents in that he is not always rushing between cities. He can learn his way around Washington and schmooze with greater ease.

When he is in Syracuse, which has been a lot lately with Congress on so many breaks, he has kept up a demanding schedule of meetings with community groups, and with veteran’s groups. He has also been busy delivering a number of grants in the area. We may have mixed feelings about grants being just another name for earmarks but not one of these grants has been terribly large, none have been for anything like “a bridge to nowhere”, and all will benefit the entire area by helping fund groups that offer support to local people.

Dan Maffei is a prodigiously educated guy. He is a Syracuse success story. He graduated from Nottingham High School and attended Brown University, Columbia University and Harvard where he studied Government. He has a great resume also. He worked with Senator Bill Bradley, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Representative Charles Rangel on the Ways and Means Committee. Today he serves on two subcommittees of the Committee on Armed Services and two subcommittees (a ranking member on one) of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Dan Maffei is not as much of a leftie as I am. He is actually quite moderate. He supports equal pay for women, but he has not expressed much interest in raising the minimum wage or in universal child care or in paid family leave, all Progressive ideas which would really offer support to people who work but are still poor, to single women, moms and dads who both have careers, and to children who are not always best served when both parents pursue careers, because these parents and their children suffer without secure child care arrangements. But now he has a young intelligent wife and a child, so I still hold out some hope for him in these matters. Although some countries already accept the importance of these services to families, America looks like it is not quite ready for prime time on this and never will be if corporate toadies have their way.

Dan Maffei6

At least he is not of the mindset of those in the GOP who want no minimum wage. They say it is because the federal government has no business dictating to employers, but we have been protecting ourselves from unregulated employers for decades now and we learned the hard way that such protection is necessary. Having no bottom to our wages would court disaster.

We can’t know for sure how John Katko would vote on anything because he has never held public office. He says he would possibly support a minimum wage increase if it climbed in very slow increments in order to lessen the impact on small businesses. See he can be reasonable.

His background is in law and he wants an assignment to the Judiciary Committee so he can lash us according to the Republican Way whenever we wander from a very fundamentalist interpretation of the US Constitution. Why are Republicans so obsessed with a Constitution that they have been disregarding for quite some time? If you are after limited government and extensive state’s rights your only resource is a very tiny section of the Constitution and a rather large collection of Federalists documents that argue from two different schools of thought.

John Katko said in a Syracuse New Times interview (link at end of article) that he wants to do two things in Washington, cut the debt and replace Obamacare. Surprise, surprise! In his interview he tells which aspects of the health care law he would like to keep and his likes did not include coverage of people with preexisting conditions. Do we really want to spend two more years discussing the debt and Obamacare (aka The Affordable Care Act)?

Do you favor the growing gap between the very wealthy and the rest of us? Are you of the opinion that this is just the way it is and nothing can be done about it? If you send John Katko to Congress I bet he will be happy to agree with you and our tax laws and business regulations will continue to send money to the top, like the cream on the milk back in the day.

Dan Maffei, on the other hand, wants to find ways to help the middle class get moving up that opportunity and affluence ladder once again. I’m not sure how he plans to do this but if he votes with the Democrats on this issue (and if the Democrats are ever allowed to legislate) then that will help us all. John Katko will not help the middle class if he has to raise taxes (see his Syracuse New Times interview in the links) because Republicans have pledged not to raise taxes.

We have to think before we vote. And we have little info about one candidate and some whopper lies being spread about the other. For example, Dan Maffei did not vote to help terrorists no matter how the GOP twists it. His votes were to cut funds to Afghanistan because the war was ending, to expand prisons in American so that terrorist’s could finally leave Guantanamo, to extend the right to a trial to terrorists like those at Guantanamo, and to cut some funds for policing undocumented immigrants. Most Democrats voted for these bills. Does that make all Democrats terrorist-lovers? Ridiculous! Blame the GOP because they have misrepresented these actions in their fact skirting ad (which may even be illegal slander). Here’s what a respected political blogger had to say in his fact checker article on this ad:


I say go for Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Family Man, Dan Maffei, because even if he is a Democrat he is quite a moderate one and there are no moderate Republicans.


Google them or Bing them or do that voodoo you do!

By Nancy Brisson

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Ode to Koch Industries

pet coke2

Election time equals political ad time. It drives us crazy but it’s the American way. The Koch brothers have a new ad in which their employees pledge allegiance to Koch Industries. It is a poem, a corporate anthem, and, as a base line, beneath it all, we hear – be nice to these wealthy brothers, America, because of them some of us have jobs. There is an underlying threat there, totally unstated, supplied by recent manufacturing history, about how dangerous it can be to bite the hand that feeds you.

The video shows one lovely frame after another showing how Koch Industries make our life better. Nowhere in the video is that dirty pile of pet coke deposited as waste on the waterfront in Detroit. There is no footage of the so finely-textured gritty pet coke blowing over the beleaguered city of Detroit making the air gray and unbreathable. Koch Industries, in Mad Man-style 1950’s tradition, looks, in its video, like a middle-class friendly, apple-pie America, we’re-your-rural-neighbor company.

pet coke3

But the Koch brothers are fighting to save their fossil fuel industry. They are climate change deniers. They hope that alternative energy sources prove to be a pipe dream and the pipe they dream of is the Keystone pipeline. They do not have clean hands and they really care very little about the American middle class except that they plan to cut our wages.

These two brothers are meddling in our Democracy by going into red states and even purple states and spending millions to make sure that Republicans win every office and have a majority in every political entity in the state. They are sponsors of or the chief donors to many PAC’s and SuperPAC’s. They actually are connected to ALEC, a group that writes legislation that favors the interests of the Koch brothers and this legislation is often introduced and approved in state legislatures without being revised in any detail.

When the rules for campaign finance were too restrictive, fortunately for the Kochs, we got Citizen’s United and McCutcheon approved by the Supreme Court. Do we really think this is just a coincidence? Some states still have restrictive election financing rules but the Kochs are organized to get around them. They have the deepest pockets in America and can keep reaching in, pulling out the money, applying it as needed, and reaching in for more.

If you are a Democrat this deluge of money is distressing and disheartening. There is no way we can equal it. In any race which the Koch brothers want the Republicans to win (and they want them to win them all) they make sure a candidate is picked to run and that a blizzard of money and ads will tilt that race towards the right. They even pursue this process in blue states and they are successful often enough to make it a worthwhile strategy.

The Kochs do not just play their shiny new blow-their-own-horn ad on Fox or other right wing media. I have been seeing that Ode to Koch Industries during Meet the Press; I have seen it on MSNBC; I even saw it during the John Stewart show. Do you think any of these shows are shows that the Koch brothers would back? I don’t. It’s all propaganda plain and simple, meant to look like a pure American plain song by true blue Americans who, against all odds, continue to conduct their business in America and employ everyday Americans. (Yes, I really did mean to say America that many times.)

These guys would run for the hills just like all our other employers if it was in their best interests. I don’t like them subverting Democracy and making our government and its offices commodities to be bought and sold. No matter how many times you show that pretty video, I will see the piles of pet coke blowing over Detroit because no one cared enough to put tarps over the filthy stuff.

Here’s a link to the Koch Industries commercial in case you haven’t seen it:  Sorry it doesn’t work, try pasting in the search bar.

By Nancy Brisson

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Your Freedom, My Risk – Inoculations


Opting out of inoculations is all the rage in West LA and probably a few other places in America. It tends to be most popular among very affluent people who can afford to send their children to small private schools where they are less likely to be exposed to infectious diseases.

These parents believe that they put their children’s health at risk of serious mental disorders like autism and from allergies and asthma when they allow them to be immunized. They contend that the risks from inoculation are worse than the contagious diseases that inoculations protect against; such as smallpox, diphtheria, polio, measles, tetanus, and whooping cough.

Smallpox in America has almost disappeared, as has diphtheria and children don’t usually die from polio, measles or whooping cough. However, in the wide world (globally) these diseases have not been wiped out and they still take their victims in poorer, less well-fed, less hygienic locales.

Why should any of us care what these parents do, even if they seem a bit delusional? This is one of the key push-pull arguments of recent times; which do we judge to be more important, protecting our individual freedoms or protecting the safety of the majority of people? Wealth, apparently, carries with it more freedom than is enjoyed by the less wealthy, at least in the arena of vaccinations.

Those who must send their children to public school accept that there is lots of risk in large groups of children brought up according to varying lifestyles and even sometimes in homes which might not be clean and orderly. These parents see mildly annoying diseases passed around at schools, such as influenzas, colds, Coxsackie virus, parasites, etc., and they know that, from time to time, there will be outbreaks of more severe contagious diseases like mumps, measles and whooping cough. There are still cases where children die from these diseases. Parents with children in public school cannot afford to opt out of inoculations and, in fact, schools cannot allow them to exercise that freedom.

It would be fine, maybe, to allow wealthy people to opt out of vaccinations without any pushback as our children are not hanging out with their children. But it’s scary and we are possibly one epidemic away from tragedy. If the risk these wealthy parents are taking comes back to bite them in the butt (as in, make their unprotected children very sick) then I hope they exercise their freedom to take responsibility for the role their own decisions have played in this.

What if smallpox began to make a comeback through these unprotected Americans? Would our traditional smallpox vaccine be effective against modern strains? If there is a tragedy because of this parental choice, which is backed up by no science there will be hell to pay, or, more likely, lawsuits.

In the meantime I hope there are studies underway to offer us data about whether or not the negative mental challenges these parents have blamed on these inoculations disappear when the inoculations are discontinued. While it is considered unethical to set up a treatment/nontreatment group study (like the polio studies in my childhood)for inoculations, with this exclusive group to study scientists could mine some valuable info so parents will not have to use magical thinking to draw medical conclusions.

Suggested reading:

By Nancy Brisson

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immortal soul2

immortal soul3

Cory Gardner is a Republican in Congress, running for reelection in Colorado. He realizes that the Republican monologue on women has not made the party popular with women. On the issue of abortion he needs to stay (and wants to stay) anti-abortion (or as Republicans would say it Pro-Life). But he sees a little wiggle room on the issue of birth control (which I still cannot believe has returned as an issue at all).

Evangelical men appear to believe that 1) birth control pills encapsulate tiny fetal executioners, and 2) birth control pills turn women into floozies. They believe that if they elect people who vote to allow birth control to be paid for by government money (which could be their own money as it is all in one big pot) that they will put their immortal soul at risk and God will punish them. They don’t feel that any health insurance plan which involves a contribution from taxpayers or religious employers should “pay” for birth control. Cory Gardner and others like him need to come up with a way to get elected and save their immortal souls at one and the same time.

So Mr. Cory Gardner, the Colorado Republican has come up with a solution. If drug companies and pharmacies sell birth control pills over the counter (OTC) then the whole Christian/male dilemma will be bypassed. So what problem could women possibly have with this plan? Well one problem many of us have is that we believe that men should keep their mitts off of women’s health issues. Another problem we have is about cost. Here’s a chart that shows average costs of each form of birth control over a period of a year per person. (If you haven’t heard of CycleBeads, I’m sure you are not alone, but they are the industry that put this chart together and it is a helpful graphic.)



While it is true that when drugs are sold OTC the prices often go down, in this case, the price with insurance is zero, so the prices will actually go up. And while many women or families can probably afford birth control pills, the people who just got insurance through the Affordable Care Act will find it a hardship to have to pay for these pills, month in and month out for all of their child-bearing years except when they wish to add to their families. However, if we want more babies to be born in America, this might be just a sneaky way to get that accomplished.

Text by Nancy Brisson

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